13860 Ferguson Lane

Now accepting uncontaminated soil, rock, sand, gravel, concrete, asphaltic concrete, cinderblocks, and bricks. 

Wood, brush, and mulch NOT accepted.  For disposal of such material, please consider

R. Schroeder Sod Farms  schroedersod.com  


Prices are determined by vehicle size and the type of material being dumped.  Job contract pricing is available on large jobs.  

Please call for pricing.

Our Prices

Open 8am-4pm Monday through Friday

Additional hours available by appointment

Bridgeton, MO 63044

Fill Dirt & Top Soil For Sale When Available

Payment Options

Our average

turnaround time is a quick

5 minutes! 

Take advantage of                    and you can be in and out of our

facility in only

4 Minutes!


We accept check, cash, debit and credit card payments.

You may also apply for a charge account. 

We provide  convenient invoicing and payment options.

Materials We Accept